Text by Michael Reidel Horizont

Stromer launches a spring campaign in five European countries for e-bikes with Swiss technology. The Swiss company's appearance for its speed pedelecs is under the guiding idea #HereToChange. The creative agency responsible is The Goodwins. It is the first joint work of the partners.

You can see the joy of driving. Connectivity is emphasised. It could be a classic car advertisement, but it's not. The subjects are e-bikes, more precisely the speed pedelecs of the Swiss company Stromer. The manufacturer is currently launching a spring campaign in five European countries, focusing on e-bikes with pedal assistance of up to 45 km/h. The campaign is also about the company's e-bikes.

The campaign itself is intended to convey the fun of assisted pedalling, efficiency and quality of life. Themes such as freedom, independence, environmental protection and activity are addressed. The new claim "Here to change" is also intended to position Stromer as a game changer in the mobility world.

Striking images and dynamic moving image formats attract attention. Added to this are English-language lines with a wink, such as "Longing for monday mornings", "Your new car is a bike" or "Sorry, I'm early. I missed the traffic jam".

Stromer is launching a European campaign for its speed pedelecs. The start is in Switzerland.

The campaign can be seen from mid-March to the end of May in digital channels, print and out-of-home media. The campaign will kick off in the home market of Switzerland, followed by the other countries. The campaign is accompanied by B2B measures to win over HR departments and fleet managers for the Stromer brand.